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We enable health professionals to perform at the required standards, thus ensuring sustainable services in healthcare facilities.

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According to the World Health Organization, the world needs more than 18 million additional skilled healthcare professionals by 2030, especially given the acute shortages in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. To fill this large gap in qualified healthcare professionals, VAMED began offering education and training programs in 2014 in international target markets. Since then, we have carried out such programs in Bangladesh, China, Gabon, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia and Mongolia. VAMED’s strength in this field lies in its expertise and hands-on experience of over 40 years, covering the entire lifecycle of healthcare facilities, as well as its international partner network. Comprised of top academics, practitioners and executives in all healthcare fields, this network ensures that the knowledge and skills each program participant gains enables them to deliver high-quality health services and thus save lives.

Think globally, act locally

VAMED delivers its education and training programs at a quality that adheres to international standards but is also based on local needs. VAMED carries out an on-the-ground assessment to determine the gaps and needs of the healthcare professionals being trained. This assessment includes pre-testing of the training participants before the development of the training program starts, discussions with relevant stakeholders, and a review of existing SOPs, protocols, etc. For projects involving curriculum development for education and training programs, the country’s current education and training programs are reviewed and recommendations for adaptations are given. This will ensure that all training and tools are tailored to the needs of the participants, their healthcare facility, and their country’s healthcare system.

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“I loved the opportunity to work in an ICU in a developed country working in almost an ideal setup as described in books.”
Dr. Stephen Kalya
Participant from VAMED’s training in hospital management for staff from Kabernet Baringo Hospital in Kenya
“It was wonderful to have the VAMED lecturer/trainer. Her passion, patience and knowledge has surely equipped us with a good starting point for ICF in Perkeso.”
Lim Thiam Hwee
Participant from VAMED training on ICF Principles for staff from the SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia

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