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Our approach

Technology & Innovation

VAMED believes it is important to use innovative tools and concepts, as well as state-of-the-art technology, where possible. Therefore, VAMED uses technology such as simulation equipment (mannequins and software) and e-learning to complement more traditional in-class training. Simulation training allows training participants to practice using new skills, processes and decision-making as if in real-life clinical scenarios. VAMED’s e-learning platform is state-of-the-art, providing training participants interactive and comprehensive training programs that they can do anytime, anywhere – even on their smartphones.


It is essential for countries around the world to be able to produce a well-trained workforce for their healthcare systems that can offer their populations high-quality healthcare services and also cope with current and future healthcare challenges. To assist countries in this endeavor, VAMED offers train-the-trainer programs alongside its clinical, technical and management training programs. For each training project, the client selects a cohort of healthcare professionals to take part in a train-the-trainer program after they have participated in the main VAMED training program in a clinical, technical or management area. These trainees then take on the role as trainers for future staff of their healthcare facility, ensuring a sustainable training framework. VAMED also, where possible, works with local institutions to integrate its education and training programs in the country’s education or training system. Lastly, through its online training programs, VAMED is able to train an even greater number of healthcare professionals using a state-of-the-art learning platform. This allows for training that is both efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Multiple Methodologies

VAMED education and training programs can cover any clinical, technical or managerial area in healthcare and for any professional group. They also apply a multi-methodological approach, incorporating the following methods and channels: e-learning, in-class training, mentorships, observerships and simulation training.

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What do we offer?

VAMED applies a variety of training approaches, both on site at the client and abroad at hospitals/clinics of VAMED or VAMED partners.

VAMED e-learning training programs provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn about specific topics at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

VAMED’s in-class training courses aim to strengthen the know-how of healthcare professionals at all levels, from basic to management, and for all professional groups: doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, as well as managers, technicians, and other non-clinical staff. 

Mentorships feature experts from VAMED or one of the hospitals/clinics of its international partner network who observe healthcare professionals in their daily work and offer feedback to improve their knowledge and skills.

Observerships are programs that allow healthcare professionals to observe the most up-to-date procedures and learn specific skills relevant for their daily work.

Some of our past projects

Imperial Hospital, Bangladesh
Several Hospitals, Gabon
Training in Eldoret/Makindu, Kenya
National Cancer Center, Mongolia
National Center for Maternal and Child Health I, Mongolia
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