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Current Projects

Maternity Upgrade 2, Kenya

Since August 2023, VAMED is providing training to the clinical staff of 20 maternity wards throughout Kenya. The topics covered by the training are hospital hygiene and waste management, emergency obstetrics and neonatology. The project will run for 1.5 years.

Hospital Bid Wajadir / Djibouti

VAMED is providing training to the clinical, technical and administrative personnel of the Hospital Bid Wajadir. The clinical training will focus on the areas of all medical specialties that will be offered in the hospital and are new to Djibouti. The project was signed in April 2023 and will start in January 2024 und run for 5.5 years.

EMS, Mongolia

Starting in June 2023, VAMED is implementing a project financed by the World Bank focusing on the establishment and implementation of an emergency medical services system in Mongolia, including provision of capacity building, updating of emergency care protocols and upgrading of the Ulaanbaatar City Emergency Center into National Emergency Care Center. The project runs for 2 years.

Urology Center Korle Bu, Ghana

VAMED is providing training to doctors and nurses in urology and nephrology at the Urology and Nephrology Centre of Excellence at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. The training is comprised of e-learning programs in medical equipment maintenance and facility engineering maintenance, as well as on-site in-class training in operating theater management, sterilization and hygiene. In addition, training in medical equipment maintenance is being provided in the UK. The project started in March 2023 and runs until 2024.

National Center for Maternal and Child Health II, Mongolia

Since November 2019, VAMED is providing doctors from the National Center for Maternity and Children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, observerships at the Vienna General Hospital (Austria) covering various topics in gynecology, pediatrics and neonatology. In addition, in-class training is being provided by experts from the Medical University of Vienna on topics such as morphology, biopsy, immunohistochemistry technology, hematology, oncology, microbiology, as well as practical user training of MRI, CT, interventional radiology and ultrasound devices.

East Africa’s Centre Of Excellence for Biomedical Engineering and E-Health (CEBE), Rwanda

Since June 2021, VAMED is providing consultancy services for the development of key strategic documents of East Africa’s Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Engineering and E-Health (CEBE). The project aims to develop a strategy for 2021-2026 and to ensure that CEBE can offer high-quality services in biomedical engineering, rehabilitation and e-health.

Orio District Healthcare, Ghana

Since April 2022 VAMED is providing training to clinical and technical personnel from 5 small hospitals in the western region of Ghana. Topics covered include hygiene and infection control, communicable diseases, maternal and neonatal care, OR room management, laboratory services, hospital management and health promotion and disease prevention. Training is being provided by VAMED experts and by experts from the University of Amsterdam’s Amsterdam University Medical Centers.

Implementation of the Quality of Care in Eswatini Health Sector, Eswatini

VAMED is supporting the government of Eswatini in implementing a quality of care (QoC) system for the healthcare sector in Eswatini. The VAMED project team is meeting with senior MOH staff members and those who are involved in quality management in order to provide technical reviews and guidance in understanding QoC and define quality management systems. The team will also guide the implementation of QoC standards.

Previous Projects

Imperial Hospital, Bangladesh VAMED provided training to 100 Imperial Hospital healthcare staff members from April 2018 to April 2019 in hospital hygiene, emergency care, hospital finance, and emergency gynecology and obstetrics.
Several Hospitals, Gabon Since 2014, VAMED has trained healthcare staff in 3 university hospitals in Libreville in first aid/emergency care, oncological care/diagnosis and OP fields. VAMED has also trained healthcare staff in the areas of nursing, nursing assistance and midwifery since 2016 in 6 regional hospitals.
Training in Eldoret/Makindu, Kenya VAMED provided training in April 2019 in Eldoret and Makindu in hospital hygiene and maternal and neonatal care, and emergency care. Further training was provided in October 2019 in the form of observerships at Universitätsklinikum Tulln.
National Cancer Center, Mongolia From May 2015 to January 2017, VAMED provided healthcare staff from the National Cancer Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, observerships in radiotherapy at several Austrian hospitals/clinics. VAMED also provided training in hospital management and facility/technology management (FEMS/BEMS).
National Center for Maternal and Child Health I, Mongolia From May 2015 to January 2017 VAMED provided healthcare staff from the National Center for Maternity and Children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, observerships at several Austrian hospitals/clinics dealing with gynecological and obstetrical procedures, standards and diagnosis. VAMED also provided training in hospital management and facility/technology management (FEMS/BEMS).
Turkmenbashy City Hospital, Turkmenistan In June 2022, VAMED provided observerships in surgery, radiology, laboratory, intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology to 20 doctors from Turkmenbashy City Hospital. They took place at partner hospitals in Austria and the Czech Republic.
Hospital Management Training for Healthcare Professionals, Kosovo From June to August 2023, VAMED implemented a project financed by the World Bank that provided training to 20 Kosovo hospital managers and health policy managers in the area of hospital management. The training was comprised of a 1-week in-class training in Vienna (alongside a visit to Vienna General Hospital) and VAMED’s e-learning program “Management in Healthcare Facilities”.
Occupational Certificate in Facility Engineering Maintenance Services, South Africa VAMED developed and provided a training program in Facility Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS) for technicians in South Africa. The program was accredited by the South African authorities as an “Occupational Certificate”. A cohort of 14 participants took part in the program in April 2021.
Tripoli University Hospital, Libya From 1998 to 2022, VAMED provided training to circa 500 engineers from Tripoli University Hospital in biomedical equipment maintenance. Training took place in Milan (Italy), Tuebingen (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).
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